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Together with Pride

Together with Pride is our network for our LGBT+ colleagues and their allies. The group aims to increase:

  • visibility of LGBT+ colleagues
  • allyship throughout the organisation.

It’s a supportive and welcoming network with a strong sense of fun and community, which has organised many successful events and campaigns, including:

  • PRIDE campaigns
  • Educating colleagues around LGBT+ History month and National Coming Out Day
  • ‘Colleague appreciation day’ which encouraged colleagues to send Together with Pride branded e-valentine cards to each other, telling them how much we appreciate them.


What does the network do?

We recognise that inclusion and diversity goes beyond gender, sexual orientation and race and ethnicity, and we are planning on expanding our employee networks and specific areas of focus.

Critically we prioritise the creation of an inclusive environment, recognising the positive impact that that has in celebrating all of our differences, and allowing all colleagues to be their authentic selves.

Research shows that if someone knows somebody who is part of the LGBT+ community, they are much less likely to be homophobic or prejudiced. And listening to other people’s stories is one of the best ways of learning about their experiences. So, please take the time to engage with your colleagues’ stories. Every person who speaks up changes more hearts and minds and creates new advocates for equality.
Karin Cook Chief Operating Officer

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