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Meet our colleagues

Faraz, IT

Quilter is a great place to work, covering the full breadth of experiences and opportunities to be found within a UK Wealth Manager. My values around family, flexibility and diversity are aligned with the leadership here and that is incredibly important to me, especially in the current climate and whilst trying to balance a young family and career.

I think almost everyone would agree it’s the culture. That’s a word which is used by lots of businesses but for me it describes a committed and fun bunch of people, a great company ethos to always do our best by customers, and support to make the most of our careers.
Claire Copywriter

Charlotte, Business Support

I’m so proud to be a member of the Quilter family. Until recently, I was an administrator to successful financial planners, playing an important part in helping our clients’ achieve their financial aspirations. Quilter has been somewhere I have grown as a professional, and I’ve now been given a dream opportunity in project management. Most importantly, Quilter encourage me to be myself. Having that message of honesty and trust from my employer gives me so much job satisfaction.

Claire, Copywriter

I’d wanted to work for Quilter for a long time as I knew them as one of the largest and most highly regarded financial services employers in Southampton, so I was delighted to join them in 2013 as a marketing copywriter.

We have a joke that Quilter is a place where people stay for life, and even though I’ve been with the company for a number of years now, I still don’t consider myself one of the ‘long-timers’. It’s also not unusual to work with someone who’s left and come back again further down the line! So, what makes Quilter special?

When I joined Quilter the thing that surprised me most was the pace of work. It feels like somewhere where stuff ‘just gets done’. Being at Quilter in Southampton is a rare mix of working in a head office – where you can make a real difference and play a part in important decisions – yet feel like you’re working for a small and intimate business, where you know the senior management team and feel like you matter personally.

Even though many people in Quilter bring years of expertise to the table, the culture still feels really progressive. Whether you’re working with someone who’s a specialist in the latest digital trends, or somebody who knows how our systems work inside out, there is a genuine sense that everyone is working towards a common goal and is happy to help each other out. And like any mixture of people, there’s a diverse range of characters, so everyone fits in somewhere.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right to talk about Quilter without mentioning the perks. From an annual bonus scheme even for non-sales staff, to free sweet treats and team celebrations, there are lots of little touches to make you feel valued and rewarded. The company is also fantastic at supporting charity events, encompassing traditional bake sales and sponsored runs, as well as the totally bonkers ‘teddy bear parachute jump’, where you can throw your stuffed animal off the building’s top floor in aid of a good cause! There are plenty of ways to get involved if you want to, and, once you experience the Quilter spirit, most people do.

Letetia, Governance Manager & Head of Cultural Diversity Ambassadors

Quilter has given me the opportunity to collaborate with a vast number of individuals from diverse career backgrounds and experiences. I thoroughly enjoy working within my team and I believe that your team environment can have an impact on your wellbeing so when you have found a great team, you have really struck gold.

At Quilter, the act of pulling together in order to achieve a common goal is evident. I feel a sense of achievement in knowing that the skillset that I have to offer is truly valued within my role in Quilter. There is always something new to learn and each day brings about its own challenges that you can use for the betterment of your own professional endeavours within Quilter.

In addition, I have the opportunity to celebrate and promote cultural diversity within Quilter. The concept of bringing your authentic self to work is a notion that I am proud that Quilter is embracing.

Paul, Human Resources

I’m immensely proud to work for a business that has strong values, welcomes people from all backgrounds and has bags of opportunity to grow and develop your career – I think having worked at Quilter for 24 years in a variety of roles and parts of the business says it all!

A business is about more than just profit and Quilter’s mission to transform the financial services industry to being all about supporting people achieve their life goals and dreams, as well as having a positive and real impact in our community, is what resonates with me most. Our people and our customers are everything.

Nicola, Operational Due Diligence Manager

I joined Quilter Investors in January 2021. I settled in so quickly and it already feels like much longer than that (in a good way!). My role is Operational Due Diligence Manager in the Strategic Partners team. My responsibilities include reviewing external fund managers for operational risk to ensure best practices are adhered too and protecting our clients capital from unnecessary risks.

It has been an interesting time to join a new company, with lockdown and home schooling to contend with. Virtual interviews were certainly a new experience for me! However, despite not meeting a single member of Quilter in person yet, the culture here has meant that I already feel part of a great team of people. The virtual meetings allow us to have this small window into people lives that, perhaps, we miss out on when we are all in the office. Whether it is one of our PMs chewing his headphones or, indeed, his puppy chewing him! Or another person’s teenager bringing his Dad a cuppa, or even just a change in background on Teams to lighten a Friday afternoon after a long week. What a unique situation we find ourselves in that brings us all together. Yet, despite all the challenges of recent weeks, everybody is working so hard to deliver and pioneering for a better Quilter, for all of our stakeholders.

So would I recommend Quilter as a place to work? My answer is absolutely yes.

Melissa, UK Regional Servicing Team Manager

Based in the Isle of Man, I am the manager of the UK Regional Servicing Team for Quilter International on the Isle of Man. We handle the service delivery for new business applications and withdrawal requests for the clients of UK based advisers. We are a team of 30, which includes administrators, technicians, a team leader and relationship managers.

In the years that I have been at Quilter I have seen a large amount of activity to support its values, which has had a positive effect on the culture. I was particularly impressed and proud of Quilter’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Within 2-3 weeks of the Island announcing we must work from home, every staff member (of which we had 350+) was provided with the necessary equipment and training to enable this.

The local leadership team put people and their wellbeing first, and I have personally been trained as a mental health first aider. With this training, I can help those who need a mental wellbeing boost and signpost resources for further support.

Quilter is committed to charity engagement. My team and I have taken part in various activities over the years, including cleaning up the local beaches and supporting conservation at the local wildlife park.

In my experience, those who work hard are fairly treated and well-rewarded. I am fortunate enough to be able to work flexibly and this has an incredibly positive effect on my work-life balance.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Quilter as a place to work. Pay and benefits are competitive, the culture has the people at its fore and the management team I work alongside make decisions for the right reasons. I recommended my sister for a role at Quilter and she was successful in obtaining a team leader position. Her feedback to date is that she loves it and should have moved here sooner!

Vinay, Group capital

Throughout my time at Quilter, I have had the opportunity to work in a number of varied roles with some great teams. I have found there is a strong focus on people development.

Quilter offers a great working environment and paternity benefits which has enabled me to spend quality time my young children.

It's the people and the culture which makes Quilter a great place to work.

Gemma, Investment Manager & Responsible Investment Lead

I have a dual role (which is why I took the job back in 2015), split between being an investment manager within the QC central charities team, and leading our responsible investment work within Quilter Cheviot.

What I love about this is being able to use skills that I’ve built up over the last 25 years in the financial services industry and there is always a new challenge. The downside is that sometimes there are a lot of urgent jobs that need your attention but the great thing is that I work with two brilliant teams.

The people factor is really important to me – you spend far too much time at work to not enjoy it. Having worked in the responsible investment space for a very long time, it’s really exciting to see how this is becoming mainstream and the work that’s happening across Quilter to make sure that we are a responsible investor is brilliant to be a part of.

James, Corporate Affairs

I joined Quilter in January 2020 and have a dual role split between external communications and public affairs within Quilter’s corporate affairs team. Working with the press and following the toing’s and froing’s of parliament means that each day is faced paced with tight deadlines, but always varied and exciting, and I can play a part in shaping Quilter’s response to various policy issues in investments, pensions, tax and long-term savings.

Being new into the industry I’ve found everyone at Quilter to be really supportive, and more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. Plus Quilter’s focus on mental wellbeing sets them apart from other companies.