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I was a sportsperson

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Moving from being a professional sportsman or woman to a financial adviser is much more common than you’d think. Even if your previous qualifications aren’t related to finance, getting into the financial services industry is accessible and achievable.

Quilter Financial Adviser School is open to anyone of any age, and we welcome people who have enjoyed a career in professional sports. Having gained experience in a sporting profession, it’s likely that you have a number of transferable attributes which can help in a career in financial advice, such as:

  • people skills
  • self-management skills
  • the ability to motivate yourself and others.

Meet a financial adviser with a background in sport

Hear Tom talk about his career move from professional rugby to financial advice.

Transferring the skills that I've learnt on the rugby field over to the job I'm doing now has been quite a streamlined process.
Tom Schofield Allestoke Investments

Work placements

If you don’t already work in a financial advice company, we can help you to secure a work placement during or after your studies by introducing you to local adviser firms that are looking for new talent. Placing you in an advice business means you benefit from:

  • a flying start to your career
  • the support and encouragement of an existing regulated firm
  • the opportunity to develop a career that suits your aspirations and location

Often, the experience of working at your new firm while you study in an administrative, trainee, paraplanning or other role depending on the firm.

Securing a work placement can mean that your employing firm sponsors your learning, paying some or all of the programme costs on your behalf. This will be a personal agreement between you and the business you’re looking to join, but we can support you in these conversations to help you to come to a suitable arrangement.

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