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Why become a financial adviser?

Being a financial adviser offers you a great career. It provides you with genuine variety, as no two days are the same. You get to meet interesting and dynamic people… And the financial rewards are very attractive too. You also have a higher purpose. You really get to help people, transforming their lives and those of their loved ones.

Today in the UK, there is an advice gap. The demand for advice is outstripping supply for a number of reasons.

Our population

Our population is getting older. The older we get, the more complicated our finances tend to become, so there is a greater need for financial planning.

Average age of advisers

With the average age of advisers now being late 50s, a good many will retire over the next few years, creating tremendous opportunities for any new advisers.

Inter-generational wealth

The inter-generational wealth transfer arena is growing as an older population passes and leaves their wealth to the next generation. Financial advice will make sure this windfall money works hard for them and their future generations.

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Our ambition is to make financial advice more accessible, to more people. By providing you with expert training materials for free through our FSRE 4 All programme, we hope to take one giant step towards realising this objective. Why not start your journey to an amazing new career, by registering today.

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