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Cultural diversity

Cultural Diversity Network

We have an active Cultural Diversity Network which focuses on improving the cultural inclusion and diversity of Quilter through education, awareness and colleague story-telling.

We also have a team of Cultural Diversity Ambassadors - a group of colleagues who are passionate advocates for creating a positive and inclusive environment for all.

Their role is to champion cultural diversity in all its forms, facilitate sharing and awareness, drive conversations, and question the ways in which we do things as a business to ensure fairness for all. They are not just there to support our ethnically diverse colleagues; they are also there to help facilitate understanding and empathy for everyone.

Our team of Cultural Diversity Ambassadors are keen to celebrate and champion cultural diversity within Quilter. We’re here to lend a listening ear and empower our colleagues to celebrate who they are. We’re passionate about creating an environment where everyone’s comfortable being themselves, and to engage with our colleagues to see positive change within Quilter.
Letetia King Head of Cultural Diversity Ambassadors

From sharing simple things like recipes and those who inspire us, or sharing more information on the events which are important for those of different religions and cultures, the network and the ambassadors help to educate colleagues and build our understanding.

The network also raises awareness of culturally diverse festivals and days of celebration, such as Diwali and Yom Kippur.

It helped to make Black History Month incredibly enlightening, with colleagues sharing their stories, from TV, film and book recommendations to spark conversation; personal histories; and a webinar in which colleagues discussed why it’s important to recognise Black History Month.

It was an immense privilege for me to be able to participate and listen directly to our colleagues in conversation, as they spoke honestly and openly. I hope we all continue to learn, listen and act to ensure that all our colleagues feel welcomed and valued at Quilter.
Paul Feeney CEO

We have published our Ethnicity pay gap for the first time this year as part of our commitment to being open, transparent and accountable.

We have also set ourselves a target to more than double our representation of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority colleagues within our Senior Leadership Team by the end of 2023.

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