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Fantastic career prospects

If you already work in financial services, for example as a paraplanner, administrator, or office manager, you’re likely to be aware of the fantastic career prospects of becoming a financial adviser.

Your background knowledge of the financial services profession, combined with the administration and organisational skills which you’ll use in your current job, mean you could be an ideal candidate to study with us.

Many people who train with us come from a financial services background and want to enhance their careers by becoming an adviser. We’ve helped people who:

  • want a structured programme that sets out clear milestones
  • feel they could benefit from extra support to achieve their qualifications
  • would like to increase their confidence around the wider skills required to work as an adviser
  • haven’t passed exams when ‘going it alone’ or haven’t studied for some time and feel uncertain about doing exams or coursework.

Meet an adviser with a financial background

Heather talks about how she changed her career from debt adviser to a financial adviser.

I was really attracted to the idea of being able to help people to build up robust finances and help them to weather those circumstances that can happen in life.
Heather Owen Quilter Private Client Advisers


If you already work in a company which is willing to sponsor you and pay the cost of your learning, all you need to do is let us know the details when you fill in your application form.

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