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Reasons to become a financial adviser

Looking for a new career? Become a financial adviser

The UK needs professional financial advisers now more than ever, with an estimated need for 50,000* financial advisers. People need help to make the best choices, which means there are plenty of opportunities for advisers. The government is urging people to better manage their money and plan for their futures, plus changing regulations mean individuals can access more money earlier in their life.

Social and demographic changes are also contributing to a need for financial advice, with an ageing population, the changes in the housing market and differences in working patterns combing to make the decisions people need to make about their money more complex.

*Future Financial Adviser, 29/11/23

By training as an adviser, you could enjoy a lucrative career and take satisfaction in helping your clients to achieve their goals.

How much can I earn?

On completion of your qualifications, our in-depth training and development programme you will become an authorised financial adviser. An experienced financial adviser can expect to earn £80,000 - £100,000 plus a year on average.

Anyone thinking of becoming a financial adviser should have income aspirations in excess of £50,000 a year.